Grandchildren and books will take up most of NR Narayana Murthy's time after he retires for the second time from the company he co-founded with six friends over three decades ago.

Murthy will take over as Chairman Emeritus from October 11 as part of a management rejig announced today by Infosys, which named former SAP board member Vishal Sikka as its new chief executive officer and managing director.
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Image: nfosys Executive Chairman N R Narayana Murthy with newly appointed CEO & MD Vishal Sikka arrives to attend a press conference at Infosys headquarters in Bengaluru.
Photographs: Shailendra Bhojak/PTI

Asked what he planned to do after retirement, Murthy said: 'At this time, I want to spend time with my granddaughters, my family...I would also be in a position to read a few books.'

Murthy, who first retired in 2011, was called back in June last year to head the firm and put it back on a high-growth trajectory when peers TCS and HCL Tech were outperforming Infosys.
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Photographs: Reuters

Upon his return, he set up the Executive Chairman's office and inducted his son, Rohan, as Executive Assistant.

The office will now be dissolved and Murthy junior will exit the Bangalore-based company.
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Image: Rohan Murty
Photographs: Reuters

Infosys was set up in 1981 by Murthy and his friends including S Gopalakrishnan, Nandan Nilekani and SD Shibulal with a few hundred dollars. Since then, the company has grown to become an over $8 billion entity and till a few quarters ago, was considered the IT bellwether in India.

Known to be a humble person, Murthy remained at the helm of Infosys for two decades after its inception.
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MurthyImage: Infosys founders (L- R): Nandan Nilekani, S Gopalakrishnan, Narayana Murthy, N S Raghavan, K Dinesh and S D Shibulal.
Photographs: Courtesy, Infosys

Murthy, often referred to as the father of India's booming IT sector, served as Infosys Executive Chairman from 2002-2006.

Awarded with the Padma Vibhushan, the country's second-highest civilian honour, Murthy did his masters programme in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur.

Apart from juggling responsibilities at Infosys and his venture capital initiative Catamaran Investment, Murthy served on the boards of entities including HSBC, Ford Foundation, Cornell University and Wharton School.

Photographs: Courtesy, Infosys

The ABC Homeopathy Forum

I get a lot of e-mails where people are asking me about dosage and repeatition.
Lets get this straight !
If you fry an egg on high heat , it sticks to the pan. If you fry the egg on low heat , it comes out nice and sunny.
Same is the way with homeopathic medicine. When you repeat the dose as recommended >>>> it produces the desired results. When you take it more often than required, it spoils the case.
The slogan is ..... to get the 'Chic' , 'don't smash the egg'.......just 'hatch the egg!'.
Best of luck,

PANKAJ VARMA on 2003-12-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Guys and Gals!
This one is still applicable.....not out of fashion yet !
Good luck,
Pankaj Varma
'....When you repeat the dose as recommended >>>> it produces the desired results. When you take it more often than required, it spoils the case.....'
depends --doesn't it on if 'recommendation' is correct ...and the statement '..more often than needed...' --leaves it WIDE open --and sure doesn't explain to user when to KNOW to stop...

PANKAJ VARMA last decade

sajjadakram635 last decade
Hay Sajjad !!....Joe thinks other wise about me these days.
Warm wishes,
Pankaj Varma
Dear Pankaj,
I missed your post till I discovered it today at the bottom of the Home page.
I wonder what gave you the impression that I think other 'wise' about you and your posts on the ABC. We may have had our differences in a few instances in the past but they have never been serious unlike those that I have to contend with in the case of a female pseudo homeopath who displayed a very low form of etiquette on the forum which was deleted by the moderator. I believe that this attitude only confirms the low level from which she originates and seems to be her way to overcome her lack of understanding of the basics of Homeopathy which she covers up with her verbosity which she feels is very smart but is often puerile.
It is unfortunate that her attitude has sometimes backfired and has been the cause of some patients being forced to seek assistance from others.
I believe that both you and I have a working relationship with each other which is healthy from the standpoint of the patient who is really the reason why we spend time trying to be of assistance.
Please do not ever think that I have anything but admiration for you and your advice and I hope that you too have the same feelings about me.
Dear Joe,
My offer of a drink together stands...rain check !!
Best wishes
Pankaj Varma
Thank you for your offer repeated again. It is unlikely that I will be able to take you up on your offer as although I do visit Mumbai the chances of my visiting New Delhi which is where I notice you live, are remote.
We will however keep in close contact with each other as we are on the same side to help those who post on the ABC.
Dear Rajiv,
I brought this thread up again....for everyone to see.
Jacob and Murthy are not telling us anything new about this.
Only, their system and my system of homeopathy are different in some ways.
Many years back I moved from Classical Homeopathy to a Mixed Homeopathy when I found that the latter produces better results.
Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
Dear Pankaj,
You did not tell the name of the homeopath that you mentioned has been the main influence behind your method of prescribing.I am really interested in reading his work as i find different methods of prescribing very fascinating.I have also read about Maganbhai Desai, P.Sankaran's experiments with frequent repetition, know of a case where H.C.Allen prescribed Tubercuinum CM in solution taken 3 times a day for close to a month in a desperate case.The patient was cured.
So, i would also like to read about this particular homeopath that you mentioned.

Booksmart Youtube Disney

In good time ..will bare it all !!
Pankaj Varma
Hi Rajiv
It is very clear that no such person nor any references exist.
Many persons tend to practice homeopathy by reading roadside books which are available for Rs5/Rs10.
It is amazing to see that the prescribing patterns here match the suggestions given there.
I have a few of them,which I collected out of curiosity.
The prescriptions being dished out here are no better than those.
If you want to taste a sample..I can provide.
But, are you really interested in it?
General statements have no value Murthy specific...which books???Which author??
Are you saying if a book is priced cannot have knowledge of substance.
When I bought my first Handbook of Homeopathy by Clarke (in 1980) costed me Rs. 10/- (Indian edition).
That Handbook has a wealth of information.
Please also be informed...a well known publisher of Homeopathic books in India (based in New Delhi)has been deliberately keeping the prices of books down that the books can be within the reach of the common man.
Their family is commited to the promotion of homeopathy for three generations.
Here is a sample.
The book is in Telugu, written by one Dr.Niaz..
Name: Homeo Chikitsa
Publisher: Pallavi Publications
Eluru Road
Vijayawada 520002
9th edition 1998.
Sample prescriptions:
Sciatica: Belladona 200 ,colocynth 200,mag phos
Each should be taken at the rate of 2 pills a day, one after the other.
Piles (Itching)
Morning and afternoon: Aesculus 200
Evening and night: Hamamelis 200
Piles (burning)
Morning: Ars.alb 200
Afternoon : Aesculus 200
Night: Capsicum 200.
Are the prescriptions we are getting here not in the same class?
If I have that book, I can be a prescriber too.
I never used the word 'cheap'.
I said roadside Obviously, the reference is not towards the books by reputed publishers by people like Bjain..
I do have many books affordably priced from them.
Anyway, it is a digression from the subject.
Either give your references or accept that you don't have any.
Second thing I proved is mixopathy is nothing but, copying from various roadside books.
To add my own opinion to the above, and with all due respect to the Indian Homoeopaths here who DO practice in the proper manner, such as Rajiv and Murthy, from what I have researched, observed, and been told by MANY Indian patients online, Indian Homoeopathy generally is most often VERY far removed from the true Classical method, and practically anyone can read a few misinformed 'roadside books' and call themselves a Homoeopath, our 'friend' above being a typical example. Also from my own observations this seems to be more of a status thing over there, with practitioners often calling themselves 'Doctor', even though, of course, they are not.
In my honest opinon, India has almost single handedly given rise to some of the most pronounced deviations from the classical approach, not to mention some of the most irrelvant and outlandish of 'theories' within the subject.
I am not suggesting that there are not some VERY knowledgable and accomplished Indian Homoeopaths, who's dedication to Homoeopathy has added to our own knowledge in the classical sense, but for the most part, from both what I have seen and heard, the majority of Indian Homeopaths simply prescribe Homoeopathic remedies as if they were allopathic drugs, and this is unacceptable.
My 'friends' should know this from Psychology:
Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation. It therefore occurs when there is a need to accommodate new ideas, and it may be necessary for it to develop so that we become 'open' to them.
If someone is called upon to learn something which contradicts what they already think they know — particularly if they are committed to that prior knowledge — they are likely to resist the new learning. Even Carl Rogers recognised this. Accommodation is more difficult than Assimilation, in Piaget's terms.
-Rolls eyes- Now we're getting amateur psychology (emphasis on the amateur).
It could of course also be that such 'new information' is nothing more than a bunch of misinformed, ill applied horsesh*t, as defined by two hundred years of experience, something which does not seem to occur to those who have not actually studied the subject in detail, who do not understand it, or who are not even Homoeopaths, by ANY stretch of the imagination.
Hi Pankaj
Irrelevant posts like the above make yourself more and more of a joker, and give a lot of amusement to onlookers.
I repeat the question..
Which book you were referring to as your bible?
We are telling 'Organon' is our reference.
What is yours???
P.S. If you have no answer,forget about it.Your post need not be the last one always.
It seems very odd to me, how those who do not apply the principles of classical Homoeopathy seem to think they are presenting something new by their approach. They are not. These so called 'methods' of theirs, with their outlandish theories and practices, were around at the time of Hahanemann himself, and he had VERY much to say on the subject.
So we have to ask, why would Hahnemann, THE authority, discoverer and creator of Homoeopathy as a workable scientific system, voice so vehemently of how such 'alternative methods' were to be rejected? Should not his voice always be the leading authority on such things, or do we simply ignore his MANY warnings of such practices, based on the assertions of those who often have recieved no training in the subject, and who only pursue Homoeopathy as a sideline?
The problem here is one of confidence. We are HOMOEOPATHS, we are NOT those who have merely picked up a few books on the subject, and profess to understand, and over many years we have allowed ourselves to be lumped together with all manner of so called 'alternative systems', and allowed people who have no understanding of the subject whatsoever to speak on our behalf.
We have no one to blame but ourselves, and it is time we as TRUE Homoeopaths once again stood up and took back what is rightfully ours, and Hahnemann's, and distance ourselves from such amateurs. Only then will Homoeopathy once again become known as what it undoubtedley is, the most efficacious system of medicine known to man.
The argument with the above poster is irrelevant, he is not even a practicing Homoeopath.
Dear Jacob
You have every right to point out things that are unhomeopathic but dont involve racial overtones.
Based on merit you can indict an y concept non-homeopathic but please be careful not to include any slanderous remark on particular nation or group of people.

Booksmart Year

Dear Friends,
I don't quite see what the fuss is about and how my simple question has again caused this verbal volleying to and fro.
Dear Pankaj,
Why don't you just reveal the name of that homeopath and that book for everyone to see? What stops you from sharing the name?I can't really believe that such a reference does not exist.Otherwise, why would you mention that? I certainly have a much higher opinion of you than that.
Dear Mr. Murthy,
Thanks for your offer to send those 'road side' books.I certainly don't need them.Reading the classics and digesting them takes enough of my time to indulge in such frivolities.
Dear Jacob,
India is a great, great, great country.I am a very proud Indian.But still i would agree with your general observation about many of Indian homeopaths.The problem is with the curriculum of the so called homeopathic colleges certified by the Govt. of India, where people spnd more time in studying diagnostics and anatomy than in actually studying the Organon, The Chronic Diseases, Kent's Lesser Writings, Boenninghausen, Hering, Allen etc. etc.But we certainly have produced a number of great homeopaths who have really contributed to homeopathic literature.
Dear Rajiv
Its not that only eastern asian countries and India like countries have contributed to deviation from classical point of view.
The sequential therapy founded by Elminger, Schuessler(tissue salts), vitamin supplementation with or base for homeopathic remedies, chelation therapy and detox therapy with prescriptions like Radium 1M,Bromine 1M, Iridium 1M,Caesium 1M daily 4 times(Actually a person with login id Angel eyes was prescribed such motley of remedies which she would ve described somewhere in this forum. ) were all originated in U.S and Europe.
One thing ironical is- sequential though not classical had helped curing muscular dystrophy for which classical or non classical homeopaths(note this not homeopathy) have nothing to offer.
As time passes there come different interpretation and deviations in main concepts. We cannot blame people from single country for this adulterated hahnemanian homeopathy.
If beneficial dont the homeopaths who claim classical in the sense of Hahnemanian philosophy dont use tissue salts, and the modern nosodes like Candida alb.,Influenzinum, adrenalin,thyroid,heart,rna, dna etc(actually these things too originated in U.S and Europe, poor India getting all the blame) like things which would be frowned up on and discarded as non-classical by Hahnemann?
Dear Maheeru, there were no 'racial overtones' in my comment, as they were not directed at the Indian race, but Indian Homoeopaths and were merely an expression of an opinion based on my own experience, and that of many others.
...and of course any remark is only slanderous if it is not true.

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