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Beowulf Canterbury Talesmr. Becker

Curriculum Overview

Embedded in this document is the overview of themes, essential questions, literature and specific writing skills the Seniors will encounter in their year. The framework of the curriculum is heavily steeped in skill-based learning, emphasizing specific skills students will need to flourish in a community that is connected globally: the reading skills of non-fiction (understanding rhetoric and interacting with a rich, complex text – one that they might encounter at university); the recursive reading skills of fiction literature and poetry (practicing the critical reading skills as identified by the Common Core Standards); 21st century communication skills (utilizing 21st-century technology to communicate with peers, teachers, and others globally, while understanding the formalities of English within the genre of writing, sharing, and collaborating in the technical world); writing skills (practicing the skills taught at prior levels as a recursive practice, while honing in on specific, individualized needs in the writing practice of a variety of genres); and speaking skills.

More importantly, this curriculum was thoughtfully developed to embrace the cultural studies approach; that is, each unit specifically addresses a social justice issue within our world today, preparing our students to be more compassionate, empathetic, culturally aware, and attuned to a world that is more connected now than ever before. The entire year encircles many of Thomas Friedman’s ideas and main thesis that the “world is no longer round – but flat” (Friedman 12). Students will study excerpts from his book The World is Flat and begin to make discoveries about the operative core that makes our globe currently tick – economically, socially, and culturally. Furthermore, students will learn the implications for their future in such a place that is ever changing and more demanding.


Ultimately, it is the aim of the course to educate and shape our future, our global citizens; it is the aim to prepare them for a future they can both understand and help lead.

Curriculum Overview Document

Technology in the Classroom

This year our English 12 class was gifted with the amazing opportunity to pilot SJHS’s vision of becoming a one-to-one school. Our students were given the responsibility and task to explore the possibilities for each device: the HP Netbooks and the Ipad. It has (and continually will) change(d) the way we think about structure and learning in the classroom. From pen and paper to keyboard and Moodle, I have since witnessed the way it can transform learning and engage students in new ways.

I’ve included a few articles about the incorporation of electronic devices in the 21st-century classroom – and a fun Youtube video that satirizes the coming of the book (perhaps this is how I feel when reading on an Ipad or Kindle?)

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  • IPads in Education – blog

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