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Edulastic’s AzM2 sample tests help students to familiarize themselves with the structure of questions, test format and interface of AzM2 tests. As part of preparation for the main exam, students should take regular practice assessment tests to build their confidence, understand their weak areas and strengths, as well as have an idea of what to expect when testing day arrives.

AzMERIT measures students’ knowledge in the content areas of English language arts (ELA) and math in Grades 3–8 and High School. Each AzMERIT test is aligned to Arizona’s academic standards. AzMERIT was first administered in spring 2015. ARIZONA TEST PREP AzMERIT Practice Book English Language Arts Grade 5: Covers Reading, Writing, Listening, and Language Paperback – October 2, 2018 by A. Hawas (Author) See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Paperback, October 2, 2018 'Please retry' $21.95.

AzM2 Test: What is It?

AzM2 is a statewide test administered annually in the spring for students in Arizona. The main objective of the assessment is to evaluate student’s academic progress. AzM2 focuses on testing performance in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math. Recently, Arizona switched the state test name from AZMerit to AzM2 and while, as they mention on their website, the assessment is fundamentally the same, it has a slightly greater focus on state-specific items.
Edulastic is a key platform that supports students’ academic progress and can check whether they are on track for success on the AzM2 assessment. Taking an online practice test can provide a benchmark to let teachers know where to focus instruction, and can help prepare students for online test taking.

AzM2 Assessment Information

American Institutes for Research (AIR) designed this the AzM2 test, which consists of a computer-based test (CBT) and an alternative paper-based test for schools that don’t administer CBT.
Each spring, Arizona students enrolled in charter schools and public district schools in third grade through to high school take AzM2 tests in Reading, Writing and Math. Grades tested include:
  • Grades 3–8: Writing, Reading and Math
  • Grades 9-11: End of course (EOC) exams for Writing and Reading
  • EOC exams for Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry.

Ela 8th Grade Test

Typically the assessment window runs from the end of March through April each year. Edulastic is an excellent tool for AzM2 practice and contains AzM2 test sample questions that cover all the grades. We’ve included links to practice AzM2 items on this page.

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Format of AzM2 Test

AzM2 is a comprehensive test that includes a variety of questions that test student’s ability to apply the knowledge they’ve acquired to solve real world problems. The test includes multiple choice questions and interactive questions that require students to drag and drop their answers into a box. In addition, there are Evidence based selected response questions, open response questions, multi-select questions and creating equations.The structure of questions in Edulastic’s sample tests is similar to the real test.
Edulastic AzM2 sample assessments include released questions from tests of previous years. The aim is to equip students with knowledge about the format, design and procedure of providing answers to various types of questions included in the exam. All the tests on the platform are in-line with Arizona K12 Academic Standards as prescribed at each grade level.

How to Prepare Students for AzM2 Test

Students can take regular computer-based AzM2 tests on Edulastic to have a feel of the real exam, as well as other classroom quizzes and assignments using Edulastic Certified questions, or questions created by the teacher. Whether it’s English Language Arts/ Literacy or Math, there are numerous sample tests that cater for all grade levels.

Key Exam Skills Students Gain From Edulastic AzM2 Sample Tests

Mastering the Keyboard

When doing a computer-based test, excellent knowledge of keyboard commands is needed. When students regularly do practice tests, it helps them to learn how to navigate between test elements, tools and features. Building confidence using the keyboard and understanding the role of various keyboard commands is a crucial skill needed for the main test.

Get Comfortable Using Technology

AzM2 tests are administered using various devices such as computers, ipads and tablets. For this reason, regular practice tests on these devices will help students familiarize themselves with the gadgets they will be using during the main exam.

Learn Test Navigation Skills

Computer-based tests require specialized navigation skills such as drag and drop, drop down menus, using online calculators and filling boxes in tables. Edulastic AzM2 practice test includes such technology-enhanced questions, giving students the skills needed to maneuver the same question types they will meet on the official exam.

Instructional Topics to Cover In Preparation Of AzM2 Main Assessments

Az Merit Ela8th Grade Ela Page

Areas tested in AzM2 English Language Arts (ELA) Assessment include: Language, Writing, Reading standards for literature, Reading standards for informational text and Listening Comprehension.
Math Assessment subject areas for Grade 3-5 include: Numbers and Operations including fractions, Measurement, Data and Geometry, Operations, Algebraic thinking and Numbers in Base Ten. For Grade 6-7, areas tested are: The Number System, Expression and Equations, Ratio and Proportional Relationships and Geometry, Statistics and Probability.
For EOC Algebra I and EOC Algebra II, areas examined include: Algebra, Functions and Statistics. EOC Geometry topics tested include Trigometry, Congruence, Geometric Measurement, Circles, Geometric Properties with Equations as well as Modeling with Geometry.
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Az Merit Ela8th Grade Ela Page

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