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  • Please allow us to introduce ourselves. Forever Fitness was started with a determined goal to help improve the lifestyle of aging adults through exercise and movement. Exercise is an important part of everyone’s everyday health and this especially holds true for older adults.
  • Toronto: Allow us to introduce ourselves. Aug 19, 2019 And it will be our pleasure to get to know you, too. Chick-fil-A has just arrived in Toronto, and we couldn’t be more delighted to meet you. It’s one thing to hear about our food — freshly prepared, simply made — but it’s another to actually taste it.

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I recently turned 30. For years I've heard friends tell me what to expect, and the one that always scared me the most was that my ovaries would start twitching and I'd want a baby. Well, I can assure you I am still terrified of growing a human inside me, but... I was kinda lusting over something new. I felt like just *one* more thing in my life would make me feel complete before 30.


I met Aaron, the Founder of Shrub in 2018. I tried his drinks at a tasting demo and I was blown away. I had never tried something like this before. I started asking him so many questions and we both joked that with my outgoing personality/love of marketing and his engineering mindset/killer recipes, we could be so successful. Alas, it was not the time. I took a couple bottles home and had my husband, Nick, try it. His initial reaction was similar to a lot of people - 'Balsamic? Really? I'm not drinking that?'. But with my powers of persuasion he gave it a sip. 'Oh shit, that's good!'. Moral of the story: just do what I say and we'll both be happy.

When Nick and I opened Sisters Gourmet Deli in the Fall of 2019, we reached out to Aaron and told him we had to have Shrub in our cooler! Once the pandemic hit, Aaron told us he was being pulled in other directions and that Shrub was not getting the TLC it needed, and would ultimately be closing. Nick and I looked at each other and had the same thought: turkey sandwiches. After we ate we could think clearly. We called Aaron and told him we wanted to carry on with Shrub. He agreed to teach us everything he knows and set us up for success. We dove in and started doing deliveries the very next week. We are learning SO much, but that's a blog for another day ;)

So, yeah, some people want babies. I wanted another business. My businesses are my babies. I love them, I work hard to make them grow and keep them safe and secure, and I have room in my heart for many more. Of course 2020 was one of the most difficult years we've ever had to survive, but there were some pretty rad parts too. Taking Shrub on was definitely a highlight.

Welcome to the first blog post for Attachment Foundation. We are so excited to see our organisation take its first step into the blogosphere!

At Attachment Foundation we believe that relationships are paramount. There is a beautiful saying in isiZulu which goes

“Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”

Translated this means a person is a person because of people. This saying resonates with us because although we are all individuals, we exist in relation to others. Relationships are something that we will be sharing a lot of information on and in the process we trust that you will develop a deep understanding on how to connect to others in a healthy way. Before we do so, we feel it is important for us to develop a relationship with you. So allow us at Attachment Foundation to introduce ourselves.

I’m Alison Lees (on the right) and this is my colleague, Marietjie Strydom (on the left). We both currently live in Durban with our husbands and children and have worked closely together for a number of years. Marietjie is a Social Worker in private practice and has a masters degree in Play Therapy. She lived and worked in England for a number of years where she was exposed to specialised training, and gained great experience in, the field of trauma and attachment. Prior to obtaining my Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and gaining my professional qualification as a psychologist, I worked in the adult education industry as an Education, Training and Development Practitioner. Empowering individuals through education is something that I am passionate about. Both Marietjie and I are passionate about Attachment Theory and Therapy and this, together with our past experience and love for our country, inspired us to launch an organisation that promotes attachment-based practices in South Africa and Africa.

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We founded Attachment Foundation because we know that attachment-based practices can change lives for the better.
There is a wealth of research and academic literature on attachment however the everyday person might not have access to this life-changing information. Or if they are able to access the information it might be full of complex languageand neurological or psychological jargon. On the other hand there is plenty of accessible information on attachment-related matters however this information is very often not based on evidence and can be misleading. Pop psychology websites offering information on movements such as “attachment parenting” might, for example, suggest that unless you are co-sleeping with your child and exclusively breastfeeding you aren’t doing a good job as a parent. We would like to offer individuals an informed and safe middle ground.

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Through Attachment Foundation, we hope to provide you with current, understandable information and training on evidence-based attachment theory and practices. If you are raising children, working with children, interested in relationships, or are keen to learn more about yourself, learning about attachment theory is essential. We invite you to join us on a journey of discovery, transformation, security, and growth. Explore our website, subscribe to our blog, and follow us on Facebook. We look forward to connecting with you!

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves Meme

If you’re interested in learning about Attachment Theory stay tuned for our next post: Attachment 101.

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