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Label: Universal Music Group International - 3869. Series: 12'/80s. Format: 3x, CD Compilation. Country: Europe. Genre: Electronic, Pop. Style: New Wave, Disco. Downloads Here are all downloads available directly from this web site, in the following list you will be able to download Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Casio and many other resources for free. The archives are in Zip format or in 7zip format, you can uncompress them using 7zip (download it from 7zip site it’s a free software), the archives are virus.

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Here is a list of top 12 best sites to download full albums free in 2021.

There are countless music websites on the internet which offer full music album download but when visiting the websites, what we see is completely different from what they claimed.

Some album downloader websites possess bad interface, some offers only the old collection and some asks you to pay in order to download full albums free.

But since you have landed on this page, you no more need to get tensed about anything. To help you, I go to any extent and do all the research part on your behalf just to make sure you get the best results with minimal efforts.

Let’s get started.

The 12 Best Sites to Download Full Albums Free in 2021

1. iMusic


iMusic is the ultimate source for all your music needs. It lets you discover your favorite music from any artists, genre, and category and lets you download full albums free with just a few clicks.

Moreover, the iMusic interface is also very intuitive and clean that it makes it top our list of best websites to download full albums free. iMusic is the ultimate way to get your favorite music downloaded from about 3000 music sites which include YouTube, Spotify, Pandora etc.

If by chance, you don’t get a proper downloading link of any song, iMusic lets you record that music from the built-in recorder and then provides you with a download link to that song.

Other features of iMusic include the ability to transfer music between Apple devices and iTunes, Android devices and iTunes, backing up iTunes library and lots more.

If you want are impressed by iMusic features and want to get your hands on it, be ready to loosen up your pocket as iMusic is a premium music solution! But its trial version is free which you can take advantage of for the given time period.

2. Jamendo


Jamendo is one of the very popular songs websites for music lovers. If you really admire listing to good music, there are chances that you have already come through this website.

Whether you are looking for a solution to free streaming or to download full albums free, Jamendo is the place for you! Jamendo has a collection of over 37,000 albums which you can select your favorite music from and get it downloaded in just a few clicks.

Jamendo not only lets you download free music, but it gives you the money making opportunities as well through their commercial licensing. Jamendo lets you download latest, trending and music of all kinds!

The interface of Jamendo is extremely cluttered free and there are not so many options to confuse you. On landing the homepage, you get to see a Start button.

Clicking the Start button gives you the access to the world of music where you can select music of your choice from any category, any genre and get them downloaded by creating an account on Jamendo.

3. Free Music Archive


Free Music Archive is another very popular and ultimate source to download full albums free.

No matter if you are a fan of Blues, Classical, Old Times, Evergreens, Pop, International, Jazz, hip hop or any other possible category, Free Music Archive has a huge collection of all type of music.

The website is so well organized and well structured that you won’t find any difficulty in finding your favorite music. Besides, there is an easy one-click download option next to every song you wish to download, which is the best thing about FMA.

Let’s say you want to find the Old classical music of your choice. In order to find the music in the Classical genre, just hover the mouse cursor over the Genres option on the top, and click on the Classical.

There, you will find numerous classical music along with other subcategories under classical which you can download songs from. Apart from this, FMA also provides you with popular last week, last month and all time charts where you get to know about the top music of that duration.

FMA is basically Free but there is an option for a donation if you feel like supporting Free Music Archive for their good work.


4. BeeMP3s


Every audio that is officially published online can be found and downloaded from BeeMP3. Thus it is one of the most authentic sources and the greatest search engine to search and download full albums free from any genre.

BeeMP3 is free to use and allows you to download songs without any registration. BeeMP3 has a very clear and intuitive design which makes it really easy to search for songs or artists.

On the first page itself, there is a collection of music from top 20 artists and Top 20 songs which make it extremely easy for you to choose your favorite music and get it downloaded.

Besides that, there is a very easy alphabetical search option where you can search for any song or artist based on that particular alphabet you choose to find your favorite stuff. The another way which you can use on BeeMP3 to search for your favorite stuff is the big search button located on the home screen.

Listing of top songs in the week, top 100 songs, top 100 artists are some other features which make BeeMP3 holds the 4rth position in our list of top 10 websites to download full albums free.

12 Inch Dance 80s Pop Download

5. MP3juices

Website: https://www.mp3juices.cc/

MP3juices is a free mp3 search engine. It let you play and download your favorite music. To download full-length albums free, you need to enter name of albums or singer in search box and enter. You will get a list of relevant results.

If you want to download simply click on the download button or if you want to play, you can click on the play button. It is very easy to use. Website layout is free from ads like premium music album download websites.

It also allows you to convert a video’s audio in mp3. Process of converting is very simple. You only need to put learn into search box and hit enter. Once you click on the enter button, converting process will start. To use MP3juices, you don’t need to register an account. Hence, it can be a perfect choice for mp3 album downloads.

6. Audionautix



Audionautix is a popular songs download website which is known to provide a variety of music to match your mood. If you are looking for a website which offers a huge collection of music along with the updated latest stuff, Audionautix is a great one to consider.

Where most of the songs websites let you download your favorite music stuff categorized on the genre of the song only, Audionautix advances the search options by offering the mood and tempo music category.

Depending on which mood you are currently in and whether you want to listen fast, medium or slow music at the current time, Audionautix lets you select that particular music for you!

With a long list of songs category and an intuitive design, Audionautix is indeed one of the best songs websites and deserves a mention in our top 10 list!

7. Stereokiller


If you still not have got your favorite website to download full albums free, Stereokiller deserves to be given a shot. A well structured and very well organized Stereokiller possess a collection of about 50, 761 songs, a huge collection of 47,616 brands and 12, 358 reviews.

If we talk about the music genres, Stereo killers have a collection of various music genres including Hip-Hop, EMO, metal, hardcore and any genre you want music from.

Unlike other music websites, Stereokiller is more like a music community where you can meet with other like-minded people, have a candid conversation with them about your favorite music and make friends with them.

To access the free download section of Stereokiller, just navigate to the FREE DOWNLOADS option located on the top menu and explore this page to download full albums free. I am pretty sure you will like the website!

8. Public Domain 4U


Public Domain 4U is not just a website which lets you download full albums free but it’s far beyond that. For music lovers, it is an all-in-one music solution.

Public Domain 4U has a huge built-in music library where you can discover your favorite music from your favorite artists, favorite genres and there is a big collection of all the latest playlists to choose from.

The website structure is really user-friendly and gives you a clear vision of how to use Public Domain 4U to get your favorite music downloaded.

12 80s Pop Download

Public domain 4U, as the names suggest is a website which offers music for public domain and not for the commercial use. The music collection on the Public domain is extremely huge and you can explore music from almost all the categories including folk, jazz, instrumental, classical etc.

Besides letting you download full albums free, Public Domain 4U also gives you info on top 10 songs of all time. Overall, PD4U is just for you if you are fond of old quality music.

12 80s pop download free

9. Bandcamp


Bandcamp is another popular music website among music freaks. It is founded in 2008 and become popular in July 2010 when popular artists started to sell their albums on Bandcamp. It allows artists to upload music and set own price.

Here you will found only a few albums which are available for free downloading. Fan, who buys music or album, can send an album as a gift, view lyrics and albums to his wish list.

For artists, it is free; they can upload their music without paying anything but Bandcamp takes 15% of every sale. If sale surpasses $5000, then it takes 10%.

If you are ready to spend some money, then you can consider Bandcamp. In case of free albums downloads, it is going to disappoint you. Follow this link https://bandcamp.com/search?q=free%20download to download full albums free at Bandcamp or type free downloads in search box. You will get a list of albums which you can download without paying any single penny.

10. Freesound


The next considerable website to download full albums free in our choice is Freesound. Freesound is certainly not the best website to give you access to the entirely latest and trending music but it does provide you with numerous free sounds in all genres.

The working of free sound is pretty simple. In order to provide music lovers with all type of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps etc, Freesound makes use of collaborative databases with creative commons license.

If you don’t know, Creative Common licensed stuff can be reused without any hassle but only for personal use. So, Freesound is the best website for you if you want to download any recording, bleeps, audio snippets etc.

Using Freesound is free but you do need to sign up on their website in order to download your favorite stuff.

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11. YouTubeByClick


Youtubebyclick is the best one-click solution to all your music needs. YoutubeByClick is misunderstood as a simple youtube downloader but in real, it’s far than being just a Youtube downloader.

Do you believe that YouTube is the biggest video streaming website and every music, whether it’s an album, evergreen music, latest or of any kind is available on Youtube?

YoutubeByClick lets you download every music present on youtube with just one click and all that for free. If you are worried that you will be forced to download video songs instead of audios, then you are highly mistaken.

Youtubebyclick lets you download music from any category to any format, from audio to video and in any quality, you can think of. Not only Youtube, YoutubeByClick provides you with the ability to download music from Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook and +40 other sites.

Moreover, you can also download full albums free a complete playlist or an entire channel by YoutubeByClick.

If you are impressed with the features of YBC, just navigate to the given URL and download Youtubebyclick software utility and start using it, it’s completely free to download and use this software.

12. MP3.com


With over 25 million registered users, MP3.com needs no introduction in the world of music. MP3.com was launched in the year 1997 since then MP3.com is serving its customer non-stop with the music of all kind.

Since MP3.com is one of the oldest websites in the industry, it’s pretty obvious that it has the largest database than any other website. MP3.com is liable to provide you with the music of any category, any artist and any type you can think of.

Trust me, MP3.com is so huge that you can spend your whole life listening to the music available on MP3.com. And the best part is, you don’t even need to sign up in order to listen or to download full albums free.

Besides, you also get to see trending music on MP3.com i.e Free Mp3 of the day, weekly playlists, the label of the week etc.

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12 80s Pop Download Mp3


So with Free music archive, we have reached the end of the article. After going through the complete list of top 10 best websites to download full albums free, I hope you have managed to download your favorite albums without facing any issues.

All the above-mentioned websites are working and all of them offers free music. So it’s presumed that you liked our compilation. If you know any other best website which deserves to be mentioned in this article, tell us in the comment section below.

And if the article helped you find your best album download website, share this article with other in order to help them get their favorites.

Various Artists – 12″/80s Electro Pop (2009)
EAC Rip 3xCD FLAC Tracks + Cue + Log Full Scans Included
Total Size: 1.51 GB (CDs) + 192 MB (Scans) 3% RAR Recovery
Label: Universal UK Cat#: 5320869 Genre: Synth-Pop, New Wave

The new instalment of the critically acclaimed 12″/80s series features an eclectic and varied selection of the 12″s from that most singular of decades. This volume’s theme is Electro: Pop. The three CD set showcases electronic, synth and drum machine 80s genres from electro to synth pop to new romantic to new wave to hip-hop–all in their full-length 12″ extended mix glory. Featuring a mix of the classic and the underground, this back to basics collection includes seminal 80s 12”s from such legends as New Order, Human League, Simple Minds, Grandmaster Flash, Soft Cell, Japan, Afrika Bambaataa, Heaven 17, Yazoo and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, many of who have inspired today’s new wave of chart electropop from La Roux to Little Boots to Florence & the Machine to Goldfrapp. ― Amazon

Additional Info:
• Released Date: September 14, 2009

Disc 1
01. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (New York Mix) – 07:25
02. Simple Minds – I Travel (Extended Version) – 06:13
03. Human League – Hard Times – Love Action [I Believe In Love] (12” Version) – 10:09
04. Japan – Life In Tokyo (Long Version) – 07:05
05. Talk Talk – Such A Shame (12” Mix) – 06:54
06. Yazoo – Nobody’s Diary (Extended Version) – 06:09
07. Tin Tin – Kiss Me (US Remix By Francois Kervorkian) – 07:33
08. Landscape – Einstein A Go Go (12” Mix) – 05:28
09. Tears For Fears – Change (Extended Version) – 05:55
10. Heaven 17 – Play To Win (B.E.F. Disco Mix) – 07:24
11. A Flock Of Seagulls – Wishing [If I Had A Photograph Of You] (Long Version) – 09:12

12 80s Pop Download

Disc 2
01. New Order – Confusion – 08:14
02. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five (Feat. Melle Mel & Duke Bootee) – The Message – 07:12
03. Freestyle – Don’t Stop The Rock – 05:28
04. Africa Bambaata & The Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock (Vocal) – 06:22
05. Hashim – Al-Naayfiysh [The Soul] – 06:14
06. Mantronix – Bassline (Stretched) – 06:01
07. LL Cool J – You’ll Rock (Remix) – 04:30
08. Sugarhill Gang – Apache – 06:13
09. Break Machine – Street Dance (Vocal) – 06:27
10. Gwen Guthrie – Seventh Heaven (US Remix By Larry Levan) – 07:24
11. Yarbrough & Peoples – Don’t Stop The Music – 07:53

Disc 3
01. Soft Cell – Torch (Extended Version) – 08:28
02. The Cure – Why Can’t I Be You (Extended Mix) – 08:07
03. Visage – Pleasure Boys (Dance Mix) – 06:55
04. Art Of Noise – Close To The Edit (Extended Remix) – 07:39
05. Associates – Club Country (12 Inch Remix) – 06:46
06. Propaganda – Duel (Bittersweet) – 07:37
07. Trio – Da Da Da [I Don’t Love You You Don’t Love Me Aha Aha Aha] – 06:35
08. Sharpe & Numan – Change Your Mind (Extended Version) – 08:30
09. Pete Shelley – Homosapien (Dance Version) – 04:17
10. Laid Back – White Horse (US Edit) – 03:55
11. Was (Not Was) – Wheel Me Out (Long Version) – 07:03

12 80s Pop Download Full

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12 80s Pop Download Free


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